Why Ricochet?

Intuitive & Innovative

Ricochet provides a new way to start a conversation.  Simply tap and drag your friends and groups to start or add to a conversation.


Ricochet doesn’t use phone numbers or email addresses to establish communication between friends and there’s no record of information on servers.


Ricochet uses peer-to-peer (P2P) technology to communicate between those you have approved as “friends”.  P2P means that your conversations and data are protected within your own private network.  Your friends/your info/your conversations – all under your control.


Not only is our architecture P2P, but it also uses multicast.  This means your “electronic footprint” is virtually non-existent.  Think “BitTorrent for comms.”


In addition to P2P and multicast, all your conversations are protected with AES encryption with one-time-use keys so that your social network is private, transparent and encrypted.


You’re known only by your username which can be whatever you choose.  Only your friends need know who you are and where you are.


Our team has over 70 years of collective experience in cryptography and secure communications on a variety of mobile platforms.  We know what we’re doing.


Our architecture is based on proven, open source technology. …and yes, we will be providing source for peer review.  We are also inviting technical users to join our development team to contribute and test our beta releases.

How long has Ricochet been in development?

Ricochet is built upon our secure P2P ricochet protocol that was developed over the past 2.5 years.

When will Ricochet be released?

Very Soon!  Development has gone so well that we plan to release early access this Fall. We are also releasing our free desktop file transfer app, Ricochet It, that demonstrates our Ricochet protocol.

What will the money from founders be used for?

We are fully self-funded to complete our app, but we value your participation and feedback. For a short time, we are offering an opportunity for technical users who wish to help us during development to join us and help us take back privacy!

How much will the app cost?

Users who sign-up to be founders at the $5 level will receive the Ricochet and Ricochet It apps free for life. Posting messages to the Ricochet network will be free forever, while multi-media messaging is free for the first year, $0.99 per year thereafter.  Other features such as voice calls and P2P video conference calls may have a cost associated with them. Since we won’t ever be selling your data, a small fee for certain features will help fund further development of the app.

Will it be Open Source?

The number 1 question! …well at least on Twitter.  The short answer to this is yes, things will be open sourced. Ricochet is based on existing Open Source standards to boot.

Why us?

Our team comes with a blend of experience in COMSEC, CRYPTO, SIGINT, video, audio and application development. We have been working on this app for a little under three years now and are confident you’ve never seen anything like this.

Will my phone number ever be “used”?

Yes and no.  Your phone and contacts can be used to invite your friends via an SMS or email message.  After you and your friends are within your own, secure, Ricochet network, no phone numbers or emails are ever used thereafter (except to invite more friends). We don’t upload any of your contacts.  Instead, you add your friends via text message and also directly by using their Ricochet username instead.  You are always in control.